Organizing my thoughts

As I step into this new role of Product Manager, I find myself looking for better ways to manage my time, my resources and document the whole process.  I’m starting to take advantage of tools I’ve had around for quite some time.

First off, I’ve decided my team will use IBM Connections as our goto spot for anything and everything related to this product. Through use of the Files, Forums, Wikis and Bookmarks, I’m able to manage all aspect of the development process.  All of my competitive information and research I’m doing talking to customers, IBMers and IBM Business Partners is well documented and helps drive the direction we take the product.

I’ve also gotten back into using Mind maps as well.  Xmind has been my tool of choice and it has allowed me to build a nice visual of the Roadmap of the product I’m working on. The ease of clicking and dragging features and ideas around and placing them onto the next release cycle or moving them to spot for future considerations.  It also allows Management and Sales & Marketing to easily see what’s coming.

As I get deeper into this, I’m sure I’ll add more thoughts to this but for now would love to hear all of yours on what technology you are using to manage your time and resources.


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