IBM Connect 2014 – Social Collaboration at its Finest

I spent the last few days in Orlando, Fl at the IBM Connect Conference. If you haven’t been there, it’s a great collection of technical and business content revolving around IBM’s collaboration suite.  Topics range from deep dive technical to Administration and the value of “being a social business”.  Every speaker I watched were among the best out there.

I really went into overload this week with all the nuggets of information that were being presented. Social business is a topic I’m very passionate about so the content really hit home. Instead of taking notes to later reference, I tweeted. Numerous posts all day long. I tweeted and retweeted and tweeted some more. I tried to share all the good information being throw out there.

Among the things I heard during the week about being a Social Business:

  • User adoption never ends, it’s an ongoing process
  •  Align social to your top business goals
  •  One ROI of being a social business – searching and reusing intellectual capital
  •  Social business is about changing behavior, not technology
  • We are in the Generation S (thanks @PamMktgNut)

When I put it all together, here is how I would summarize.

“You won’t find that ah-ha moment to break the barrier into being a social business. It’s a process. A combination of things. And when they all come together, you’ll be a social business.”

I’ll be writing more and more in the coming days and weeks on things I learned and will continue to develop this topic.

The 4 days was full of content sharing, product knowledge and was a chance to catch up with old friends in one of the strongest communities I’ve ever encountered.  It’s been a fun 6 years and I have every intention to make it back for a 7th year in January of 2015.

One thought on “IBM Connect 2014 – Social Collaboration at its Finest

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