Why use an Enterprise Social Network?

‘Social’ is not a fad or the latest buzzword (although the word may disappear sooner than some think), but really a way of getting work done.  For those that have been around for a while, think about when email started?  I know I personally installed a IBM Lotus Notes 4.0 server back in 1996 to get a company up and running on email.  It was crazy at the time to think how we could ‘communicate’ with those in the office and clients or business partners around the globe. It opened up new channels and ways of working, right?  No longer did you need to pick up the phone or drive to their location to have a conversation.  You could easily work together without being in the same space.

Fast forward to 2014 years and tell me if this video doesn’t sound familiar?

Business Practices That Refuse To Die #44: Email Trees by @kevindjones

We are onto the next phase of collaboration.  Emails are too much of 1 to 1 and can cause a lot of extra work.  Think about how many times you’ve gotten a phone call or email or was asked in the hallway, ‘Hey do you have that email you sent around? I can’t seem to find it.’  Now, when you remember to look for it, you have to go back through your mail and locate it.  Once you find it, you have to send it along. Things would be so much better if you didn’t have to waste that time.

What if you you could:

  1. Tell them ‘Go search in the Project ABC community, it’s all there along with everyone’s thoughts.’
  2. Add a new employee to a group and get them up to speed in very little time
  3. Stop worrying about endless email chains of messages that are replied to all, forwarded and sent round and round

The possibilities are endless in what the new form of collaboration offers.  It’s up to you to join in and be part of a better way of working.

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